"Oh god its back"

No news? by gameboyjsa - 02/05/10 @ 12:45 PM PST #

hasn't been any news lately except the site is working i guess that is a good news update. ~gameboyjsa~

New Admin! by gameboyjsa - 01/09/10 @ 05:09 PM PST #

Hello I am the new administrator gameboyjsa. I will help make this site better by contributing to the community and doing all of the stuff that admins are supposed to do.

Update by SuperToxic - 01/09/10 @ 02:44 PM PST #

Wow. The sites been up for less than 24 hours and we already have 3 news posts. I need to stop doing this. I added a shitload of boards and added a new mod named CapTMeaT. I'm debating whether or not to throw a Google advertisement bar on here so we can get some revenue to buy a real domain and better hosting with. The 87chan facebook page. Become a fan faggot.

Just submitted 87chan to the Chan Toplist by SuperToxic - 01/08/10 @ 08:48 PM PST #

This will get some free advertisement to the site considering the lack of posts. If we can generate a little bit of community we can continue to grow! On a unrelated note, we are hiring moderators. Simply having me and Zergy as Admins just doesn't cut it.

Site is back by SuperToxic - 01/08/10 @ 04:59 PM PST #

That took 3 months. Most of the time I was just waiting for my old host to stop being a faggot. Now I will have much much much more freedom with this server because I created it from the ground up rather than having one made for me. We will also be allowed to have boards we couldn't have on a British server. This is very good news and now I'm somewhat glad that the old host dropped us. I hope this works out better! ~SuperToxic

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